This is a vintage model Gramophone Which is made of brass and wood. This can be used as an antique decorative showpiece as well as music recorder for your home and office. It has a unique design and its brilliant craftsmanship makes this classy. This wooden and brass finished showpiece makes your  home look elite.


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A Gramaphone is a vintage type of home decor come recorder. This showpiece is a  device for the mechanical and analog recording and reproduction of sound. This home decor reflects your taste, so you can decorate it as you want. Home decoration is an art that reveals a lot about the choice and preferences of whom the house is owned. Gramaphone is a home decor that resembles vintage memories. This is an  Indian Handicraft and antique Replica gramophone decor,  model table Decorative article. This classy Gramaphone is manufactured by Multi-Skilled Craftsmen.

This is a classic and Royal-finished antique music statement,  which beautifies your home, office, or desk with its elegance. This appealing and wooden decorative Showpiece comes with a golden color finished showpiece and has a wooden body which gives this a long-lasting life. It is durable and lightweight, assuring easy replacement from one area to another. This gramophone can be chosen as a decorative element  as well as a perfect gifting option for your besties.  


  • This is a completely handcrafted product
  • It has a strong brass-finished Showcase
  • It has a beautifully carved wooden finished base.
  • This is not just a showpiece but also a music recorder.
  • This is a vintage replica too.




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