Aranmula Kannadi

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Aranmulakannadi is a mirror with secrets. These unique mirrors are the result of Kerala’s rich cultural and metallurgical traditions. They have great historical and cultural values and are thought to bring good luck.

The mirrors are made with a metal alloy; the mixing of metals is the traditional secret of a family. The mirror is custom-made. Each Aranmulakannadi has different moulds.

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Aranmulakannadi is an extraordinarily conventional, attractive, handmade metal mirror that is famous for bringing prosperity, luck, and wealth to life. The Aranmulakannadi is made in Aranmula, a small town in Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India. Unlike the usual glass mirrors, the Aranmula mirror is made with a secret metal alloy; the exact metals used in the alloy are maintained as family secrets. The unique thing about this front surface reflection mirror is that it eliminates secondary reflections that you typically see in back surface mirrors. The unequaled beauty of the mirror has made it one of eight auspicious items to be included in the famous Astamagalaya set. This mirror is kept at festivals, religious occasions, Vishu, and ceremonies like weddings, where it makes the entry of the bride pure and auspicious. It is a fully handmade mirror.

It is advised to keep the mirror at room temperature, away from dust and heat to protect its surface. In addition to this, the mirror requires a specific method of cleaning. One needs to gently wipe the mirror surface in just one particular direction, and not all to maintain its luster and luminosity. The Aranmula mirror is very expensive because it is a custom-made craft. Each Aranmula Kannadi can be made according to the request of its custodian or owner. Aranmula Kannadi (Aranmula Metal Mirror) is not just like any other product, producing massively. It is a very special and rare handmade mirror that is made with the utmost importance of care and rituals. Each Aranmula Kannadi will take significant time and effort to finish. It is not a massively produced product; thus the Aranmula Kannadi should be ordered in advance. Then we will start making it for you.

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