Kathirkula (Bunch of paddies) is a conventional image used for health, prosperity, and richness in Kerala homes. Rice sheaves are beautifully draped together into a bunch to form ethnic Kathirkulas. This home decor is an ethnic image that is long-lasting and is capable of protecting your roof from fungus and bacteria.


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Kathirkula (Bunch of paddies) is an ethnic hanging statement used as a traditional home decor. Kathirkula is considered as a symbol of   prosperity in  Kerala homes. This is a conventional Kerala product. This is made up of a bunch of paddies. Rice sheaves are precisely woven together to form a bunch to form versatile  Kathirkula. These are usually hung in houses and temples as a sign of health, richness, and well-being. It is believed to bring good health, wealth, and prosperity to the home. Kathirkula is considered as a natural anti-fungal which absorbs moisture. This  makes your  roof free from fungus and bacteria. It has a versatile look and lasts for more than five years. Kerala’s Illomnira ceremony is associated with harvest, and it is considered as a tribute to nature. Its celebrated during the first month of Malayalam calendar.As part of Illomnira newly reaped paddies are brought into the temple for special pujas and returned back to the devotees. So Kathirkula is considered as a devotional element more than a normal home decor. 


  • Traditional Bundle of Paddy home decor
  • Traditional  hand made product
  • Only made from Kerala (South India)


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