Valkkannadi is a traditional Kerala pooja item used in Hindu homes and temples. It is typically used on pooja occasions. Valkannadi is made of Brass & Velutheeyam (Bronze),  and It has a significant role in Vishukkani. It believes that placing Typical Valkannadi will give prosperity to your home.


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Valkannadi is a Kerala ethnic pooja item. Valkannadi can be made of brass or bronze. Literally “Kannadi” means mirror. But the Exciting fact is that an ethnic Valkannadi never contains a mirror as its part. In traditional Kerala Hindu culture Valkannadi is treated as a pooja element. So it is treated as an element with holy features. People in Kerala believe that placing typical Valkannadi at home brings prosperity and dignity to their home. Vishu is an agricultural festival in Kerala and Vishukkani is a part of Vishu. Bronze Valkkannadi takes a significant position among Vishukkani items. It believes that proper Vishukkani will bring wealth and prosperity in the upcoming year. This Valkannadi is said to have tremendous spiritual value and will bring prosperity. Many spiritual elements are associated with valkannadi. Unlike other decors, Valkannadi cannot be placed anywhere in your home. It is always considered an element with some devotional beliefs. So it is always kept with the other pooja items at your home. Valkannadi is used on many pooja occasions in homes, temples, etc. In Kerala Namboothiri homes Valkannadi is always used for many religious pooja occasions.


  • This is a traditional Kerala pooja item
  • Commonly made of Bronze which is a mix of Brass and Velutheeyam
  • It is considered a significant item in Vishukkani.

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Weight .30 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm


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